The perfect CV for students

Taking on a part-time job whilst at university or carrying out summer internships can seem like laborious tasks whilst all your friends are having fun, but it can be a great stepping stone when creating your first student CV as this gives you invaluable experience other than your educational experiences. 

Here are a few key guidelines we have put together from the numerous students we have helped create their own winning CV.

Customise the CV layout

There is no specific structure that will get you more interviews or impress employers more. As long as the essentials of any CV are listed, your CV will stand out based on its characteristics and ability to demonstrate your capabilities. Do not attempt to use funky fonts or choose an unheard structure in the hope of being different.

Create a uniform structure

A mistake many students make when creating their CV is to make long paragraphs explaining their educational background and going into great depth about the values of each module. However, when it comes to writing about their work experience, core skills or hobbies the paragraphs are very light and create a CV which lacks professionalism. 


A crucial element for any CV, not just students, and of which many candidates forget is to religiously proofread your CV for any spelling, grammatical or factually incorrect mistakes. Employers who spot any such mistakes will make no attempt to bypass such mistakes and your application will end up in the trash. Proofreading and precision are essential elements to creating a winning student CV


cv for student


Grades and Work Experience

If you have achieved great results whilst at school or university, this should be the basis for which you can make your case that you are suitable for the job position you are seeking. Additionally, you can mention soft and hard skills that you have developed through these experiences.

Employers value candidates who can relate learnt skills to those required for the job role. On another note, any work experience, whether it be a simple summer job, part-time job or a volunteering role should be noted with the key skills learnt that are transferable explained. 

General guidelines

Keep your CV to one page, maximum 2 A4 pages. A student is not expected to have much experience so two pages may be a bit of a stretch. Do not lie in the hope of improving your credentials, it will catch up with you at some point in the job process. Tailor your core CV to each job position and company you apply for. Every company has different objectives and requirements, its your role to position yourself based on them.