Mistakes to avoid when making a CV

Just as much as its important to focus on the winning elements of a CV, it is also essential to avoid the types of mistakes that many candidates applications void in the space of minutes. A CV must go through numerous stepping stones to achieve its purpose, to make a candidate employable to the eyes of as many employers as possible. 

We have put together our top 5 key mistakes to avoid when writing a CV.

1- Not demonstrating your skills

As we learn from an early stage when we reach university, it is not about simply telling things as they are but critically explaining why certain factors have caused certain outcomes. The same applies when writing a CV, it is not to state that you have great teamwork skills without explaining how these were acquired and what benefits they can provide for the company you wish to work for.

2- Generic CV

Many candidates believe they can send the same CV and cover letter to numerous job applications by simply changing the title of the job role on the cover letter. Your CV must be tailored to every job position you are applying for. Recruiters can very easily detect when a CV is generic and the chances of getting through to the interview stage are very slim when applying this type of philosophy.

mistake cv

3- Poor Grammar

When it comes to your CV, it is obvious that the most important elements are your education and work experience achievements. But the manner in which you deliver are just important, especially in the eyes of a recruiter, since this reflect your personality traits. Your CV should contain no grammatical errors and be written in a professional manner. Slang language or spoken language should be avoided at all cost. 

4- Social Media

In the technology world of today, employers expect you to leave certain social media links for them to view. Having a LinkedIN account is vital, even if all the details on LinkedIN can be found on the application you have transmitted them. This can add transparency and credibility as employers can view who has recommended and endorsed you along the way.

5- Highlighting duties instead of accomplishments

It is far easier to state the duties you have held on a day to day basis in previous roles. However they add very little value to your CV and give the employer no insight on your skill set or what you have achieved. Instead of focusing on duties, make sure to outline the accomplishments you made throughout your time in the job. This will have a far greater impact on the employer.