How to write a CV with no experience?

Writing a CV is a difficult task, so if you have little or no relevant work experience, you might be thinking writing a CV with no experience is impossible. Fear not, because with the right layout and approach, you can create a CV that can match candidates who may have a lot of experience on their CV’s.

We have put together 4 key guidelines that will give your CV a significant boost.


1- CV Layout

As always, the layout of your CV is essential, since this is the first the employers analyses before even reading its contents. If they are unimpressed by the layout, they may not even bother reading the CV as they may perceive this as a personality trait to present something in an unprofessional manner. The layout should be clear and concise, make use of a simple and professional font that will be easily readable for any reader. Make sure to include your contact details at the top of your CV. Furthermore each paragraph should be clearly presented and focus on these aspects of your life such as educational background, work experience, skill sets, hobbies etc.. Your CV should not exceed 2 A4 pages.

writing a cv

2- CV Contact Details and Personal Statement

Following on from the introductory layout, only important and useful contact details should be included such as contact number, professional email address and your location. Avoid putting a picture of yourself, including your marital status or date of birth which add very little value to the potential of a candidate. 


In your personal profile statement, make it as captivating as you possibly can. Remember the aim is to impress an employer who reads many such statements, day in day out. Outline your passions, your educational background and core skills which you believe will be of great benefit and transferable to the industry you are seeking. Before writing your personal profile, make sure to research the industry and outline what keywords/attributes are demanded from all the top organisations in the field and base your statement around those attributes.


3- Education and Work Experience

If you find yourself in a position where you have no experience at all, make sure to utilise your education to your full advantage. Demonstrate how key modules in each year of university have provided a solid framework in learning key transferable skills. Outline key achievements realised and mention any extra-curricular activities such as sports, languages or music clubs you may have joined. A key tip to show your desire to work is to take on volunteering work, no matter the length, will demonstrate a great amount of ambition for any employer. 

As you can see many things exist that can be done to improve and create a great CV even if you have no work experience!